“As a national developer of multi-family affordable housing, I have had the pleasure of working with Erich Seber when he was an employee of LeChase and hiring his firm White Birch Enterprise LLC as a construction consultant. Erich brings a unique combination of construction expertise, building code familiarity and a tailored value engineering approach. Whitney Capital first started working with Erich on the successful renovation/conversion of a 1920’s vintage convent to senior affordable housing. Not only was Erich helpful in the construction process, his insight was invaluable to the architectural design process and cost estimating efforts. Our firm also worked with Erich on the construction of a senior multi-family property in Saratoga Springs and the renovation of a multi-family property in Great Neck, NY. In both cases, Erich was brought on very early in the process to help with approval issues, code requirements, design objectives and cost goals. I would highly recommend Erich Seber and White Birch to developers looking for help in the construction area.”

Tom Granville

Managing Director

Whitney Capital Company, LLC

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“I was privileged to work with Erich Seber when the town was in the process of building a highway facility. He guided us through a very complicated process from the selection of an architect, engineer and general contractor. He stayed with us and kept tabs on every step that was taken, and kept me informed and involved. I would highly recommend Erich to anyone who is looking for a quality professional that will fulfill the expectations of his client. I would be happy to answer any future inquiries.”

Gay Lenhard

Ogden Supervisor , Retired

White Birch followed up with that project by implementing the AE selection process, overseeing the design phase, and developing the master schedule and estimate for the complete renovation of the Ogden library.

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“As a multi-family affordable housing developer I relied on Erich’s superior construction consulting services. He has a good understanding of the business side of a development goal to ensure a profitable project while maintaining construction quality. Managing construction costs is a key component to a project’s success, especially in the affordable housing arena where funding sources are scarce and rental rates to repay debt are capped. Erich provides workable solutions to often conflicting requirements imposed by owner, lender, permitting, local approval boards, utilities, building code, site condition and end user needs. I have relied on his expertise in providing realistic construction cost estimates, construction contract negotiation, input on outline specifications, civil, and building design and construction management.”

Carol U. Oster

VP of Development

Rochester’s Cornerstone Group Ltd.

Formerly VP of Development, Conifer Realty LLC

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