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Erich Seber 

Growing up in a construction family, Erich has been exposed to construction from day 1. He graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering – Civil Concentration in 1982. Additionally, he received a Master of Business Adminstration – Management Concentration. While constantly using the latest tools, Erich came from the old school approach of first learning then leading by example. This foundation of starting first in the field, then moving to the office estimating and running ever increasing complex and/or fiscal projects has allowed him to work for some of the premier companies in the U.S. While a foremost expert in the design-build process, he is equally comfortable being involved in CM at risk, hard bid general construction, and Program Management. Erich is or has been licensed in the following states: MA, FL, NC, SC, LA, NV (NY does not require a license for construction professionals)


Update: Erich received his Certified Professional Estimator title in late 2010 from the American Society of Professional Estimators. Beside a significant experience requirement, the 8 month process required the submittal and review of a technical paper and successful completion of 12 hours of testing.

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